Urology Nurses and Associates Week

Urology nurses care for patients across the lifespan, providing guidance and treatment for a variety of urologic diseases and concerns. They work in all health care settings and specialize in such areas as continence care, male/female sexual dysfunction, infertility, oncology, surgery, cystoscopy, and urodynamics.

To recognize how valuable urologic nurses and associates are to the health care system and to their patients, the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates (SUNA) has established Urology Nurses and Associates Week.

Sponsored by SUNA, Urology Nurses and Associates Week will be celebrated November 1-7 each year. During this special week, employers, patients and others can pay tribute to urologic health care professionals. Urology nurses and associates can also raise awareness of the specialty during this celebratory week.

Letter from the SUNA President

Urology Nurses and Associates Week Celebration Items

Show your appreciation for urology nurses and associates by displaying this four color poster in your office, facility, or hospital.
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Share Your Urology Nurses and Associates Week Celebrations with SUNA

SUNA wants to know how you celebrated Urology Nurses and Associates Week! Share your celebrations, photos, and ideas with SUNA by contacting suna@ajj.com.