I benefited from all the conference activities. In particular, I gained valuable information about nocturia at various sessions. This is a chief complaint of many of my patients, and I learned so much about the etiology and strategies for making behavioral or medication changes to help patients.

Joanne Cory, CMA, CUA

I am so grateful for the opportunity to advance my clinical knowledge and collaborate with peers nationwide. Thank you for creating this space for us to learn and grow!

Jennifer Wilkins, FNP-C

No other conference offers this much urology nursing focused educational opportunities. I always learn new information and feel my nursing practice has been enhanced over the years by attending SUNA conferences and participating in the excellent educational opportunities available.


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SUNA's 2020 uroLogic and Advanced uroLogic Conferences will be fully virtual events held  consecutive weeks in October:

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Call for Manuscripts for Urologic Nursing: Special Focus Issue on Pre- and Post-Operative Care of Patients

Urologic Nursing is planning a special issue for 2021 that will offer patient and clinician education related to urology procedural care in the office, surgical center, or operating room. There are few evidence-based care guidelines on this topic, so we need your expert opinions.

We are...

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  • Are you a nurse or advanced practice provider?
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Call for 2021 Conference Program Planning Committee Members

SUNA is seeking members to volunteer to serve on the 2021 uroLogic Conference Program Planning Committee. This is a great opportunity to serve on a SUNA team! Apply by November 13, 2020. See instructions below.


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SUNA Foundation Fundraising Campaign: Donate by October 31 for a Chance to Win!

The SUNA Foundation's largest fundraising events include the annual Fun(d)raising Raffle and Silent Auction held in conjunction with SUNA national conferences. Due to the transition to virtual conferences in 2020, the SUNA Foundation cannot host these live fundraising events this year. In order to...

SUNA and AUA Revise Joint Statement on Intravesical Administration of Therapeutic Medication for Bladder Cancer Treatment

SUNA and the American Urological Association (AUA) recently updated their joint statement on Intravesical Administration of Therapeutic Medication for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer. The purpose of the statement is to define the performance guidelines surrounding the instillation of intravesical...