Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts ~ uroLogic Conference

Call for Abstract Presentations

General or individual conference sessions (concurrent) ~ Submission deadline: November 15

Abstracts Presentations. Accepted abstract presenters (concurrent sessions) will receive an honorarium, 1-day complimentary conference registration, 1-night hotel for the day they speak, and travel expenses to and from the conference (maximum of $500). (Please note: For sessions with multiple speakers, reimbursement may vary.)

Call for Research Abstracts/Non-Research Abstracts

Research Abstracts/Non-Research Abstracts. Final acceptance of approved abstracts is conditional upon full registration at the conference by the presenter (1/poster) where the presentation will take place and meeting the format and criteria requirements for the abstracts. Approved CE poster and podium presenters receive 1-day complimentary registration. Accepted non-CE posters do not receive complimentary registration. Undergraduate students whose poster is approved for non-CE presentation will only be required to pay $85 for a poster presenter badge to the exhibit hall. (See SUNA Policy 95-400)