National Leadership

Note: All officers and directors take office at the conclusion of the Annual Conference. The Board of Directors has five executive officers (president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, and treasurer) and three to four directors-at-large as needed. A brief job description for each position follows.

Board of Directors

A candidate for president-elect must have previous participation in national level activity as Board of Directors or committee/task force chairperson. Serves as a member of the Board of Directors for 3 years. Certification by CBUNA preferred.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serves for a 1 year term with a 3 year commitment to SUNA.
  2. Assumes second level of responsibility as directed by the President.
  3. Serves as liaison between the SUNA Board of Directors and the CBUNA. Reports to the Board on CBUNA activities and reports to the CBUNA on SUNA activities.
  4. Attends meetings of NOA and NIWI, unless previously attended.
  5. Attends a leadership conference/symposium with the SUNA Executive Director.
  6. Facilitates communication between Regional Directors and Board of Directors.
  7. Writes editorial message as assigned in the Uro-Gram.
  8. Supports the growth of certification through CBUNA via modeling a certification course and increasing the recognition of those CBUNA certified at the Annual Conference.
  9. Serves as chairperson of the Bylaws Committee.
  10. Monitors the Long Range Strategic Plan and apprises the Board of Directors of SUNA’s progress.
  11. Serves as liaison to at least one SUNA committee and has a verbal or written report available for each Board of Directors meeting.
  12. The President Elect and Executive Director are funded to attend a leadership seminar, symposium or conference.

Active SUNA member in good standing. Certification by CBUNA preferred. Previous participation in national level preferred.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serves a 2 year term.
  2. Coordinates monthly Executive Committee conference calls and provides minutes to the National Office for distribution as per policy # 70-100.
  3. Serves as official liaison between the Chapter Presidents and the Board of Directors.
  4. Communicates regularly with Regional Directors and monitors the status of chapters (active, inactive or dissolving).
  5. Maintains a current list of active chapters and Chapter Presidents and provides the same to the National Office.
  6. Annually selects the recipient of the Chapter of the Year Award in conjunction with the Executive Committee as outlined in the Chapter of the Year Award Policy.
  7. Notifies new chapters, in writing, of ratification by the Board of Directors.
  8. Creates an environment of open communication and innovation, where members are encouraged to express and contribute by continuous communication among the Board of Directors, committee chairpersons, etc., re: updates, conference call minutes, etc. and utilizing the National Office.
  9. Serves as liaison to at least one SUNA committee and has a verbal or written report available for each Board of Directors meeting.

Active SUNA member in good standing for a minimum of 3 years. Previous participation in national level activity as Board of Directors or committee/task force chairperson required. Certification by CBUNA preferred.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serves a 2 year term of office.
  2. Receives and reviews all expense reports that do not comply with standing policies and procedures for consideration of reimbursement. Facilitates forwarding of this information to the Board of Directors as needed.
  3. Provides to the Board and the membership, an annual report on the financial status of the association.
  4. Monitors income to maintain sufficient funds to cover annual costs.
  5. Reviews current balance sheets and income statement at Board of Directors meeting.
  6. Prepares an annual budget in cooperation with the national office for submission to the Board for approval.
  7. Assists officers and chairpersons with proper reimbursement proceedings.
  8. Institutes and follows through on all financial policies approved by the Board.
  9. Reviews financial statements with Executive Director and reports this information to the Board of Directors.
  10. Monitors all expenditures, including committee expenditures, and initiates proper request for approval of unbudgeted expenses or expenses which exceed approved budget.
  11. Serves as liaison to at least one SUNA committee and has a report verbal or written available for each Board of Directors meeting.

Candidates for Director-at-Large must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Interest and desire to serve SUNA as a member of the Board of Directors for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. Active member in good standing of SUNA for a minimum of 2 years.
  3. Upholds the association’s structure, function, mission, objectives, and strategic plan.
  4. Strong organizational, leadership and communication skills.
  5. Able to attend all Board of Directors meetings and be present for all Board teleconferences, as budget allows.
  6. Previous participation in national level activity preferred.
  7. Working knowledge of current issues impacting urologic nursing.
  8. Certification by CBUNA preferred.
  9. Will not hold another national SUNA leadership position simultaneously.
  10. Minimum of two years urologic practice experience.
  11. Serves a 2 year term of office. May be re-elected one time only (consecutive or non-consecutive terms).

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Fosters the growth and development (mentor) of the Chapter Presidents toward assuming a future leadership roles within SUNA. Promotes membership growth and chapter formation through the following processes as assigned in relationship to the chapters.

Chapter Leadership:  Coordinates and participates on bi-monthly Chapter Leadership conference calls to communicate a unified message to all SUNA chapters. Informs chapter presidents of current issues before the Board of Directors and solicits their views so they may be represented. Responsibilities will be shared and assigned as needed. (This may eventually eliminate the need for each Director to make individual calls to the chapters.)

  1. Records the minutes of each call and posts the minutes on the Chapter President’s Forum.
  2. Recruits for a submission for Chapter News in each issue of the UroGram.
  3. Personally contacts each Chapter President during the first quarter of the year to obtain updated chapter information utilizing the Chapter President Communication form (25-201) and communicates chapter struggles to all the DALs to ensure follow-up communication where required (ie; struggling, inactive, etc.) Sends completed Chapter President Communication forms to the National Office.
  4. Provides consultation to chapter presidents as necessary.

New Chapters: Presents new chapters for affiliation to the Board of Directors according to Policy 40-100.

Struggling Chapters: Works one-on-one with struggling chapters including initiating Chapter Rescue Plan according to Policy 40-500. Prepares in writing, chapter inactive status and chapter dissolution to the Board of Directors.

Annual Chapter/Regional Members Meetings:

  1. Presides over the annual chapter/regional members meetings.  A meeting of Chapters is held annually during the Annual Conference. (was formally the Regional Chapter Meeting).
  2. Prepares a report for the SUNA Board of Directors for each meeting. The report should include an update on their chapter responsibilities and other board assignments.
  3. Attends and prepares for all board teleconferences as scheduled by the President. Notifies President for any excused absences.
  4. Maintains email capability. Initiates, responds to and checks board email in a timely fashion.
  5. Prepare agenda items to be presented for discussion or action at Board of Directors meetings (Policy 25-251).
  6. Prepare for Board of Directors meetings by reading the agenda and coming prepared to vote.
  7. Promote the professional image of SUNA by appropriate dress and conduct at all SUNA functions.
  8. Adhere to the SUNA Conflict of Interest Policy (Policy 10-100).
  9. Serve as liaison to at least one SUNA committee or task force and one Special Interest Group.  In addition, may be assigned other tasks such as Membership Liaison, Communications Liaison (social media/FB/Forum), or Product Development/Guidelines. Assignments will be determined based on the needs of the association at that time. A verbal or written report will be made available for each Board of Directors meeting.
  10. Seek out SUNA members who have been actively involved in any capacity for the purpose of mentoring those individuals who might be candidates to become future leaders in SUNA.


Task Force Appointments

At any given time, the work of a variety of task forces will be in progress to meet SUNA's Strategic Plan. Members are appointed to a task force for various time frames (until the task is completed). Once the task force's work is complete, members are able to volunteer for another task force. Task force members are reimbursed for any approved SUNA expenses in fulfilling their responsibilities including travel, postage, and telephone calls. As task forces are developing, there will be a call for members in the Uro-Gram and on the SUNA Electronic Newsletter.

Leadership Qualities

Possesses proven ability to lead and inspire others to join in a shared vision for the organization. Would you like to be actively involved in SUNA, and with an established professional network, be a skilled communicator and demonstrate leadership experience at either the local, regional, national or international level? If so, volunteer and get involved.


The Board of Directors carries out the mission, purpose and goals for association; sets organizational priorities, establishes policy, and assures effective leadership and sound management of the association.

Requires 2-year commitment for treasurer, secretary and directors, 3 years for president-elect, who succeeds to president second year and immediate past president, third year.

Time commitment: Monthly conference call for Executive Board officers and bimonthly calls for Directors; several hours per month reading/responding to board business, participating in at least one SUNA task force as Board liaison; and attendance at one board meeting per year. President, president-elect, and secretary/treasurer positions require substantial time commitment.

Reimbursement: Officers and Directors are reimbursed for any approved SUNA expenses in fulfilling their job responsibilities. For attendance at SUNA Board meetings, reimbursement includes round trip economy air fare (capped at $500) and full room rate for hotel.