2012 Award Recipients

The following SUNA members and SUNA chapters were recognized with awards at SUNA's 43rd Annual Conference in Washington, DC, in November 2012.

President's Trophies

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Specialty of Urologic Nursing
Heather Schultz, NP and Sue Flick, MSN, RN, CNP, CCRP

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to SUNA
Debbie Hensley, BSN, RN, CURN

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year
Chicago Metro

Little Chapter with a Big Heart
West Texas Whirlwinds

Most Improved Chapter
Central Oklahoma

Chapter With Best Communication
Upper Midwest

Chapter with Exceptional Educational Programs
Mississippi Valley

Chapter with Exceptional Contribution to SUNA

Chapter with Exceptional Community Activity
Great Lakes

Chapter Enhancement Scholarships

Chicago Metro

Regional Members of the Year

Marianne Borch, BSN, RN, CURN

Randee Regan, BSN, RN, CNOR

North Central
Charlene Vollmer, BSN, RN, BC

Denise Kramer-Levien, RN, CURN

Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship

Tamara Dickinson, RN, CURN, CCCN, BCB-PMD

Macfarlane Award

Brenda Madsen, CURN

Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award

Amy Saunders, BSN, RN

Susan E. Healy Pediatric Nursing Education Award

Valre Welch, MSN, CPNP

Jan LeBouton Certification Scholarship

Victoria Peck, MHS, BSN, RN

Annual Conference Scholarships

Darla Cleaves, BSN, RNFA, CURN, CNOR
Louise Nora, CURN, CUNP
Julie Wells, RN

Lectureships Awards

Vance Caselman Lectureship
Sponsored by the Kansas City Chapter of SUNA
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN and Betsy Omeis, BSN, RN
“Urodynamics is Like a Box of Chocolates - You Never Know What You Will Get”

Russell Church Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Western Region of SUNA and T-DOC Company
Jane Hawks, PhD, RN, BC
“Writing for Publication: Helpful Hints”

Arthur T. Evans Lectureship
Sponsored by the American Urological Association
Lee Ann Boyd, MSN, ARNP-C, CUNP
“The Perils of Urologic Prosthetics”

Ruth Hughes Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Greater Houston Chapter of SUNA
Leanne Schimke, MSN, NP-C, CRNP, CUNP
“Urological Care for Multiple Sclerosis Patients”

Wyland Leadbetter Lectureship
Sponsored by the Upper Midwest Chapter of SUNA
Cindy Dobmeyer-Dittrich, BSN, RN, CURN and Glenn Sulley, BS, RN
“The Secrets to Our Success with Sacral Neuromodulation for Voiding Dysfunction”

Patricia Putetti Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Chapter of SUNA
Mari K. Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN and Suzanne M. Leckness, BSN, RN
“Robotic Cystectomy: Implications for Nursing Care”

Ian Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter of SUNA
Mikel Gray, PhD, CUNP, CCCN, FAANP, FAAN and Shelly King, MSN, CPNP
“Advanced Urodynamics Interpretation”

Past Presidents’ Lectureship
Sponsored by the Past Presidents of SUNA
Donna J. Carrico, WHNP, MS and Michelle A. Schaffrath, MSN, BSN, RN, BSW
“An Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model for Urologic or Pelvic Pain Conditions”

Top Membership Recruiter

Todd Morningstar, LPN, CUA

Urologic Nursing Writer's Awards

Urologic Nursing Catherine-Ann Lawrence Literary Excellence Award
Katharine O'Dell, PhD, CNM, WHNP-BC; Shanna Atnip, MSN, WHNP-BC; and Leslie Wooldridge
"Special Series on Pessaries" (published May-June 2012)

Urologic Nursing Novice Literary Excellence Award
Bruce Turner, BN (Hons), MSc, RN, and Philippa Aslet, BA (Hons)
"Nurse Practitioner-Led Prostate Biopsy in the United Kingdom" (published November-December 2011)

Urologic Nursing Outstanding Reviewer Award
Phyllis A. Sheldon, MS, RN, CNS,-BC, CUCNS