2010 Award Recipients

The following SUNA members and SUNA chapters were recognized with awards at SUNA's 41st Annual Conference in Boston in October 2010.

President's Trophies

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Specialty of Urologic Nursing
Eileen Young, RN, CNOR

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to SUNA
Saundra Seidel, APRN,BC, CUCNS

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year
Upper Midwest

Little Chapter with a Big Heart
Southeast Nebraska

Exceptional New Chapter
Garden State

Most Improved Chapter
New England

Chapter With Best Communication
Chicago Metro

Chapter with Exceptional Educational Programs
Mississippi Valley

Chapter with Exceptional Contribution to SUNA
Northern New Jersey

Chapter with Exceptional Community Activity
Florida Sunshine

Regional Members of the Year

Fran Foley, MS, RN, CURN

Phyllis Matthews, MS, ANP-BC, CUNP

North Central
Gwen Hooper, ARNP, CUNP

Margaret Hayes, BS, RN, CURN

Lectureships Awards

Vance Caselman Lectureship
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter of SUNA
Suzanne Leckness, RN
Mari Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN
“Nursing Care of the Postoperative Prostatectomy Patient”

Russell Church Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Western Region of SUNA and T-DOC Company
Charlotte Kelley, MSN, GNP, ARNP
“Female Genital Exam and Treatment of Genital Dermatologic Disorders”

Arthur T. Evans Lectureship
Sponsored by the American Urological Association
Jill Freeman, MAN, RN, CUNP
“Interstitial Cystitis”

Ruth Hughes Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Greater Houston Chapter of SUNA
Michelle Lajiness, FNP, BC
“Urinary Retention in the Frail Elderly”

Wyland Leadbetter Lectureship
Sponsored by the Upper Midwest Chapter of SUNA
Valre Welch, MSN, CPNP
Shelly King, MSN, CPNP
“Management of Pediatric Genital Anomalies”

Patricia Putetti Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the Columbia Presbyterian Chapter of SUNA
Donna Carrico, MS, WHNP
“Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation: New Information Related to Overactive Bladder Syndrome, Fecal Incontinence, and Quality of Life”

Ian Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship
Sponsored by the San Antonio/Alamo Chapter of SUNA
Advanced Pathophysiology of the Lower Urinary Tract

Past Presidents’ Lectureship
Sponsored by the Past Presidents of SUNA
Cheryl LeCroy, MSN, RN
“Using What We Know and Knowing What to Use: Urinary Incontinence and Urodynamics”

Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship

Laura Croft Maw, MS, APRN-BC, FNP-BC

Macfarlane Award

Barbara Baron, BSN, RN, CURN
James Miller, CUA
Jennifer Valenta, LNP-C, CUA

Jan LeBouton Certification Scholarship

Treva Thomasson, RN, CUA, BCIA-PMDB

Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award

Joan Colella, MPA, MSN, APN, NP-C

Susan E. Healy Pediatric Nursing Education Award

Griceida Selbach, LPN

SUNA Honorary Membership

Ardeth Hale, CURN

Annual Conference Scholarships

Susan Taylor, RN, CURN
Elaine Brogden, MN, ARNP

Annual Symposium Scholarships

Madonna Jackson, RN, CURN
Carol Cambrareri, MSN, RN

Urologic Nursing Writer's Award

2009-2010 Urologic Nursing Catherine-Ann Lawrence Literary Excellence Award
Jeffrey Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS
“Addressing and Managing Erectile Dysfunction after Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer” (published May-June 2010)

2009-2010 Urologic Nursing Novice Literary Excellence Awards
Donna Carrico, MS, WHNP, Karen Sherer, BSN, RN, CCRC, and Kenneth Peters, MD
“The Relationship of Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome to Vulvodynia” (published July-August 2009)