2008 Award Recipients

The following SUNA members and SUNA chapters were recognized with awards at SUNA's 39th Annual Conference in Philadelphia in October 2008.

President's Trophies

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Specialty of Urologic Nursing
Susanne Quallich

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to SUNA
Melissa Morrison

Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year
Chicago Metro

Little Chapter with a Big Heart

Exceptional New Chapter
Northern Louisana

Most Improved Chapter
Rocky Mountain

Chapter With Best Communication
Great Lakes

Chapter with Exceptional Educational Programs
Mississippi Valley

Chapter with Exceptional Contribution to SUNA

Chapter with Exceptional Community Activity
Upper Midwest

Regional Members of the Year

Jane Berlew

Myra Joseph

North Central
Gwen Hooper

Jean Dearn

Lectureships Awards

Arthur T. Evans Lectureship
Melissa Morrison, RN, CURN
“Basic Urodynamics – How Do You Get Started?”

Russell Church Memorial Lectureship
Mari Olsen, BSN, RN, CURN; and Suzanne Leckness, BSN, RN
“Nursing Care of the Postoperative Urology Patient”

Patricia Putetti Memorial Lectureship
Paula Forest, MSN, OCN, GNP, CHPN, ARNP
“The 3 Ds: Depression, Dementia, and Delirium”

Ian Murchie Thompson Memorial Lectureship
Laura Wood, MSN, RN, OCN
“Advanced Renal Cancer: Understanding the Disease and Maximizing Treatment”

Vance Caselman Lectureship
Susan Lipsy, APRN-BC, CUNP
“The Ice Age Is Here: Nursing Considerations in the Care of the Patient Undergoing Prostate Cryoblation”

Wyland Leadbetter Lectureship
Francie Bernier, PhD, RNC
“Understanding Transvaginal/Transrectal Electrical Stimulation”

Past Presidents’ Lectureship
Kerry Ashcroft, MSN, CPNP
“Etiology, Management, and Treatment of Megaureter”

Ron Brady Career Mobility Scholarship

Diane Mann

Macfarlane Award

Sharlene Brunet

Recruiter of the Year

Jan Jensen

Suszette McKay Memorial Excellence in Urologic Nursing Award

Theresa Lesher

Urologic Nursing Writer's Awards

2007-2008 Urologic Nursing Catherine-Ann Lawrence Literary Excellence Award
Joanne P. Robinson, PhD, APRN, BC; Tamara Avi-Itzhak, DSc; and Ruth McCorkle, PhD, RN, FAAN
“Psychometric Properties of the Male Urogenital Distress Inventory (MUDI) and Male Urinary Symptom Impact Questionnaire (MUSIQ) in Patients Following Radical Prostatectomy”(published December 2007)

2007-2008 Urologic Nursing Novice Literary Excellence Awards
Deborah Kuklinski, MS, RNC, WHNP; and Sumana Koduri, MD
“Predicting Urinary Tract Infections In a Urogynecology Population” (published February 2008)

Jane Langemeier, MSN, RN
“Tuberculosis of the Genitourinary System” (published August 2007)